Often, when the exploitation moves closer to one’s home, landowners become more concerned than they formerly once were regarding many issues related to well development, compressor station emissions and pipeline safety.

Here are some initial steps folks can take to provide a measure of peace of mind and make an effort to address family, home, property safety issues.

If drilling is occurring within a mile radius of one’s home, it would probably be wise to take precautions.  If one is uncertain of being within a mile — when notices are sent regarding gas permits, one can view the eMap and then find the home location and use the distance gauge on the eMap.  It is a direct line as the crow flies, not the road distance to calculate.  Of course, once the well permit map info is available, it could be perhaps 30 days or less before approval.  That might not provide enough time to get everything done.  The gas companies are informing the townships when they are beginning the process, so one can find out basic information by attending local township meetings.