One goal we wanted to achieve with our website is to introduce those beyond the Shale to our area.  We are not a remote outpost.  We are home to over 182,000 souls who live, work, raise families, pay taxes and are deserving and worthy of public health and safety measures that are afforded to the more densely populated areas regarding industrial sites located near homes and schools, pipeline safety regulations and air quality monitoring.  Certain public health and safety measures are required in suburban and urban areas that are not currently afforded to those of us residing in the Northern Tier’s Marcellus Shale Gas Fields.

There are approximately 25 School Districts in the Northern Tier Region.  Secondary Education is also available; Northern Tier Career Center, Keystone College, Lackawanna College, Susquehanna County & Technology Center and Mansfield University have locations in the region.


Wyoming County School


Mansfield University


Susquehanna Co. School Band

SusqCo School

Bradford County School

BradCo School

Our Northern Tier Region is home to many employers.  From DuPont, Walmart to Procter & Gamble, many nationally recognized companies have operations here.  Along with that are many Mom and Pops, including some that have expanded to service the gas industry employing hundreds of Northern Tier residents. Agriculture and Tourism have been our traditional industries.  Every kind of producer can be found here, conventional, free range and organic, from dairy, beef, and fruit to vineyards.

Hospitals in the Northern Tier include many such as Tyler Memorial and Endless Mountains Health Care and others who are benefiting from upgrades as a result of the gas industry’s presence in the region.

Endless Mountains Health Care; Artist Rendering

Montrose Hospital - Copy