So you were visited by a land man?  Resources on Leasing:

Landowners and Oil and Gas Leases in Pennsylvania

Answers To Questions Frequently Asked By Landowners About Oil And Gas Leases And Drilling
Natural Gas Exploration: A Landowner’s Guide to Leasing Land in Pennsylvania
Marcellus Education Fact Sheet: Forest Landowners and Natural Gas Development
Considerations for Hiring Financial Professionals
Marcellus Education Fact Sheet: Gas Leasing Scams and Rip-Offs: Ways to Separate You from Your Property Rights and Money

Landowner Issues 045
Landowner’s decisions in the past were often careful plans on what crops to plant where.
Landowner Issues  015f
Now landowners have considerations regarding what changes and damages may affect them during pipeline construction.

Finally, you’ve been unitized and gas is flowing?  You may want to view production reports as provided to PA DEP.

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