Anyone who may be digging in the Northern Tier – these are must see videos!

One Call Safety Testimonial For Farmers
Safe Digging public service announcements featuring John Ratzenberger from the old “Cheers” television series.


Folks need to call 8-1-1 if they are going to be digging on their property.  PA One Call 8-1-1 will trigger actions to have pipelines marked before digging.

Currently, One Call participation is not mandated for gathering lines, however, many operators are participating, so make sure you call before you dig.

PA One Call Information for Homeowners
PA One Call Information for First Responders
PA One Call Brochures

Pipeline Safety Trust is the only national proactive pipeline organization advocating on behalf of citizens for pipeline safety.  There website has many resources, such as newsletters, landowners guide, videos of their annual conferences and more.

Below are some video presentations by members of the Pipeline Safety Trust Conference on pipeline safety and landowners’ concerns.

Agenda and Presentations from the 2011 Pipeline Safety Trust Conference

At the above link, please page down for the Gathering Line Panel Discussion.

[Krafjack’s Video Presentation]
[Krafjack’s PowerPoint Presentation]

Video of Speakers from the 2012 Pipeline Safety Trust Conference
[Krafjack’s Powerpoint Presentation]

PA PUC has jurisdiction over distribution, transmission and Class 2.3 and 4 Area locations.

PA PUC Gas Safety Division

Several agencies in the Federal Government deal with different aspects of pipelines and in a limited manner, gathering lines.

Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
National Transportation Safety Board
Office of Pipeline Safety
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission