Our History

C.O.G.E.N.T. is the grassroots growth of ordinary Shalers working together to maintain their community flavor while continuing to live where they’ve always lived — and right now, that is on top of the Marcellus Shale.  For some, it may be the Utica Shale and even other future shales that may be developed through unconventional extraction methods.  What is a Shaler you may ask?  A Shaler is someone who lives within the Shale region, may or may not be a leased landowner; it is just a way of referring to who we are, within where we’ve always lived.  Every Northern Tier Shaler is a Pennsylvanian.  But not every Pennsylvanian is a Shaler.  As Shale resources continue to be discovered and found to be exploitable, there may be more Pennsylvania Shalers, but right now, the exploitable Shale is known to cover two-thirds of Pennsylvania:  and that is who we are, primarily rural folks, living within a changing region.  Shalers have specific needs for measures that ensure their communities, public health and safety, and environment are adequately protected.  We are the same folks, your neighbors who have been advocating for these measures since the land man first knocked on our doors.

We’re not seeking measures that will impede the industry within our communities, but rather we seek reasonable measures that will protect the way and the place we have always lived.  We are seeking that balance that will allow for a better regional economy, provide jobs and careers for our children and at the same time protect public health and safety and our environment.