Public Comment: EPA – Regulating Strontium

EPA is conducting a public comment period to regulate strontium.  The public comment period ends December 19, 2014.

The idea of this rulemaking is regarding regulating strontium which in part would include creating a safe drinking water standard for strontium.

Many of us discovered during our pre-drill baseline water tests that naturally occurring strontium was evident in our private drinking water supply.  Through the SRBC remote water quality network it has been discovered that naturally occurring strontium is in many of our streams.  Now, enter the natural gas industry who on occasion impacts private water supplies and surface water, so now more strontium may be introduced.  Some health risks are known about strontium and some are unknown.  We need the EPA to sufficiently regulate strontium in order that a safe drinking water standard is available to us so that our health may be adequately protected.

We are in the midst of the holidays, so we are not creating an Action Alert or HOWTO SHEET regarding this rulemaking – we want you to enjoy  the holidays.  However, if you are one who has concerns about our water quality or may have been personally affected by strontium contamination in your water supply, you may want to submit a comment.  You may submit a comment through the website.  You may preview our comment for ideas on what you may want to address in your comment.  You may read our submitted comment here.

Please note, the website submittal has a maximum word and time limit to submit.  So, if you are going to use the form, craft your comment in a WORD doc and then cut and paste it in  Better yet, you can take your WORD doc and convert it to pdf and attach it to the comment box.

If you are a little more ambitious and want to take a look at the rulemaking, you may access it here.  Pay close attention to pages 2 and 22-25 as that is where the good stuff is that will assist you in writing your comment.

If you are crafting your comment and have questions, please email

Please note, there is another comment period occurring during the holidays that is due on January 6th.  We intend to publish an Action Alert and HOWTO SHEET on this comment and would encourage everyone to participate as it relates to the GP5 Air Quality Permit.  Please subscribe to our Blog/Action Alert so you may receive a notice when this is published.  We will also be posting advisement on our Facebook and Google+ pages if you prefer to watch for the notice there – or ‘like’ us to have us in your daily news stream.

To those of you who have the time to submit comment on strontium — many thanks!

Emily Krafjack, President