Public Comment: National Pipeline Mapping System Revisions

Once again we are within the winter holidays and public comment periods seem to be crunching in all around us.  I’m beginning to think public comment periods and the winter holidays are mutually inclusive events!

So, PHMSA, the Pipeline and Hazardous Safety Administration the regulator of many pipelines EXCEPT the non-jurisdictional Class 1 Area locations where many of us in the Northern Tier live  (well, there is no safety regulator having jurisdiction of the Class 1 Area gathering lines) is conducting a public comment period to revise required information – to require more information from operators of transmission and offshore gathering lines.  (Notice – OFFshore – it is not an error)  Despite the fact that we don’t have the majority of pipeline miles affected by this revision, we do have transmission lines that are, and we are gaining more as each year passes by.

So, for your reference, you may read our submitted comment here.


For all those seeking the illusive white tail this week – be safe in the woods and enjoy the hunt!


Emily Krafjack, President