Northeast Energy Direct Project NED – FERC – Tennessee/Kinder Morgan Project

The Northeast Energy Direct Project – Tennessee/Kinder Morgan Pipeline project includes 27.73 miles in Bradford County and 44.11 miles in Susquehanna County.  This is a FERC project, so there is a public component.  According to the pre-filing this is both new, co-located pipeline and pipeline looping segments in PA.

NED Project Map


Through this pipeline project, natural gas will be delivered to local distribution companies, gas fired power generators, industrial plants and other New England consumers. The project as presently proposed involves a new ‘greenfield’ 30″ diameter pipeline from Troy PA to Wright NY. This includes two looping segments and 36 miles of 36″ diameter pipeline.


There will be “modifications to the existing Station 319 in Pennsylvania, including restaging the existing compressor, adding an ESD silencer, and modifying the existing station piping to accommodate the new 36-inch loops.”


A new compressor station is proposed: “Supply Path Head Station — This new compressor station, to be located in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, will include two (2) Mars 100 turbines, for a total of 32,000 horsepower.”


The company plans to hold five open houses during January and February, 2015 between Troy, PA and Wright NY. Watch your local papers for a notice regarding these open houses.


The projected in-service is November 1, 2018.


There are no LNG or related facilities proposed as part of the project.



You may read more about the project here.


You may also be interested in reading this article, it was reported the operator utilized maps that were 20+ years old and were not relevant regarding development along the pipeline route. The maps submitted were merely topographic maps of our region. The operator did state they plan to submit an additional detailed map.


There is not enough information presently available to note any of the items we may like about the project or concerns we may have. The overall transport of natural gas to the New England area is an area lacking pipelines/natural gas transport.


Emily Krafjack, President