Our Comment: Environmental Protection Performance Standards at Oil & Gas Well Sites

Well, the comment period has ended and we’ve all had a chance to take a break from reading the draft and following through with submitting our comments.

This week, for our blog post, we decided to post our comprehensive comment and supporting documents.

So, without further adieu…….

Here is our submitted public comment:  Public Comment 03-2014 – Oil & Gas Well EP Performance Standards

Supporting Documents:

78.62(b)     Arsenic – example of pit soil screening level 5714_EA

78.64    Condensate spill – lacking secondary containment 2026EA

78.122(i)   epa816f14001 HF Fact Sheet Feb 2014

Page 100 Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Product Component Information Disclosures as posted on FracFocus

3711721220-7312011-212-Seneca Resources Corporation 8008-20-6

3711720991-7312011-212-Seneca Resources Corporation 8008-20-6

3711720890-4182011-445-Seneca Resources Corporation 8008-20-6

3711720856-2272011-31266917-Seneca Resources 8008-20-6

3711720855-582011-31266917-SENECA RESOURCES CORPORATION 8008-20-6

3711720853-582011-250-SENECA RESOURCES CORPORATION 8008-20-6

3711720820-6172011-445-Seneca Resources Corporation 8008-20-6

3711720777-662011-250-Seneca Resources Corporation 8008-20-6

3711720323-852011-212-Seneca Resources Corporation 8008-20-6


So, there it is. If you are interested in reading, it will take more than your morning cup of coffee to get through it all.

The next step in this process is the DEP reading and preparing the Comment Response Document.  There will be further discussions on the regulation package through the Technical Advisory Board meetings.  As this process moves forward, we’ll  keep you posted.

Again, a huge thanks to the many Northern Tier public voices in the choir who advocated for better measures towards the reaching the exploitation pathway of the delicate balance where all — public health and safety, the environment, the community, including consideration for the needs of  industry;  may thrive —  all balanced delicately together.  In the end, that is the only realistic approach that will adequately ensure our Region’s future and economic development with regards to the reasonable exploitation of the Marcellus Shale natural gas resource.

Emily Krafjack, President